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The first establishment in Andalusia to incorporate the new company image. The restaurants sporting the new image have been warmly welcomed by the public, with growth above 30% in those premises with the new Pans & Company identity.
Pans & Company, flagship brand of Eat Out restoration group, announced the opening its first restaurant in Cadiz, at number 1 Paseo Marítimo, on the corner with c/ Brasil. The new restaurant opened its doors to the public on Tuesday, 22 December. This new establishment, which will be managed as a franchise, is the leading Spanish sandwich-shop chain’s second restaurant in the province of Cadiz.
The new Pans Màgic Badalona is also the first establishment in Andalucia to incorporate Pans’ new image. Launched by the company a few months ago, the new image seeks to provide the restaurant with an experiential value by means of a warmer, more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Across the country, consumers have given a warm welcome to the new-look restaurants, with growth above 30% in those premises with the new Pans & Company format.
The new establishment occupies 240 square metres spread over two floors. It also has a terrace of 122 square metres. There is a separate area, called Pans Café, where, at any time of day, clients can enjoy the best coffee and hand-made pastries, prepared daily on the premises. Moreover, along with traditional sandwiches that make up the brand’s main menu, the new Pans & Company will offer pizza slices that can be enjoyed on or off the premises.
Cadiz’s Paseo Marítimo is a strategic location for the company because of the large crowds it draws. Opening their first restaurant in Andalusia with the new look has been a big challenge for Pans & Company, and a sign of its commitment to the region, where it will help create jobs and boost the local economy.
In the words of Sergio Rivas, Eat Out’s CEO, "Andalusia is one of the most important markets in the catering sector nationwide. Looking ahead to 2016, we shall continue to commit to our expansion in Andalusia and nationally, and shall close the year with 12 new restaurants in Spain".
Pans & Company is the leading brand of the EatOut Group. Created in 1991, the group leads the Spanish sandwich market and by 2014 had created a network of 192 restaurants –of which 132 are in our country– and sold over 20 million sandwiches a year. The chain is committed to a new dimension of quality in fast-food, based on the careful design of its restaurants, each of which has its own distinct personality, adapted to the most demanding consumer trends, and offering the highest quality in food, service, price and ambience.
Eat Out is one of the largest restaurant groups in Spain, with 11 brands of the calibre of Pans & Company, Ribs and Dehesa Santa Maria, and others such as ADK, FresCo, Pastafiore or Pollo Campero, besides being the country’s second largest Travel Food operator. The Eat Out Group owns over 400 restaurants that generated a turnover exceeding € 240 million in 2014, and served over 50 million customers throughout the year. The Group has over 25 years’ experience, and is part of the Agrolimen multinational Holding.

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